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list of doctors


The U.S. Embassy assumes no responsibility for the professional ability or integrity of the persons or practices whose names appear on the following list. The names listed are arranged alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no significance.

Dr. Ardal, Bjorn

Telephone 568-0635
Laeknastodin Uppsolum,
Kringlan 8-12, 103 Reykjavik
Barnaspitali Hringsins
Barnaspitalinn v/Baronstig, 101 Reykjavik
Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Arnarsson, Olafur Orn

Telephone 525-1750
Landspitalinn Fossvogi
V/Slettuveg, 103 Reykjavik

Dr. Asgeirsson, Gudmundur

Telephone 568-6311
Laeknastodin h/f
Alfheimum 74, 104 Reykjavik
Specialty: Pediatrics

Dr. Bjornsson, Sigurdur

Telephone 568- 6311
Laeknastodin h/f
Alfheimum 74, 104 Reykjavik
Specialty: Internal Medicine

Dr. Jonsson, Steinn

Telephone 535-7700
Laeknasetrid sf
Thonglabakki 6, 109
Speciality: Chest and cardico-vascular diseases.

Dr. Thorsson, Arni V

Telephone 562-8090
Laeknastod Vesturbaejar
Melhaga 20-22, 107 Reykjavik
Specialty: Pediatrics